See you on Saturday, 14th November 2015 at 9.30 at Azienda Agrituristica Conca d’Oro (Valle Chifenti, 142) in the historic estate of the Alessandrini family to rediscover the tradition of olive picking and to experience olive oil production. A journey through the land where the cultivar of the Oliva Ascolana Tenera (Olea Europea Sativa) is grown. That’s the only cultivar earmarked to the production of this PDO olive variety. Oliva Tenera Ascolana is a masterpiece of Italian wine and food tradition and is exported worldwide, both stuffed&fried and brined. But what does knowing Piceno olives and olive oil mean? It means discovering, observing, tasting and, above all, learning by involving all five senses. The event is open to everyone, adults and children, but we suggest you book as soon as possible through the event page as places are limited!

Italian Olives and italian extra virgin olive oil as the real protagonists

It’s not only a wine and food festival, but a real, active experience that will take us through the production chain of extra virgin olive oil. Rural experience Staff look forward to welcoming you all in our big family and is ready to support you throughout the day. The experience will open with a didactic and educational introduction, during which the anthropic and natural factors responsible for the quality of olive oil will be highlighted. Later, Prof. Leonardo Seghetti, an Italian scholar of olive trees and oil, will take the floor and guide us through an in-depth analysis of this priceless product. Before rolling up our sleeves and getting to “experience”, the Alessandrini family will tell us about olive oil production, processing and filtering. And we mean organic olive oil! Then, we’ll be taken to their family olive grove where everyone will be offered the opportunity to experience olive picking.