Four young people and their love for the land and healthy food are the main ingredients of Rural Experience.

Who has never wished to live an unusual experience, completely different from ordinary holidays; who has never thought about the origin of the food we eat; who has never desired to know extensively about the traditions and culture of the place we are spending our holidays at?


Whether or not you have asked yourself similar questions, Rural Experience is the answer!

Rural Experience does not offer usual holiday routine and ready-made enjoyment; it offers a path of knowledge about the area we are visiting and its culture; it doesn’t recommend industrial food, but tastings of typical products and evaluation of production processes.

Andrea Lattanzi

General Director. Andrea is the project creator. Healthy eating and drinking has always been a part of his life. Rural Experience is the fulfillment of his desire to promote the real side of Italy, its beauties and genuine products.

Francesco Palma

Legal-Business Administrator. Francesco was the first to embrace the project. Resourceful and resolute, he is a strong supporter of genuine lifestyle.

Eduart Hasanaj

Account Manager

Simona Del Gran Mastro

Marketing and Communication

They joined the project during its developing phase. Eduart is lively and meticulous; Simona is versatile and scrupulous. Both embraced the idea and the mission of Rural Experience: to reconnect with the land and farming traditions and keep ancient values and flavours alive.

Are you interested in one of the experiences?

Are you willing to escape urban routine and rediscover past traditions?

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