Rural Experience promotes a sustainable, eco-friendly approach to tourism and aims to reconnect humans to nature through relaxing and funny outdoors activities.

You can enjoy a horse, pony or donkey ride through the spectacular landscapes of our National Parks and take part in our courses and workshops. We offer walks and hikes of different levels: from easy and relaxing strolls in the woods, suitable for children, to walks around perched medieval villages, to multi-day hiking programs. Get rid of stress and recharge your batteries!

We are located halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, close to the “Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains” and “Sibillini Mountains” Natural Parks. This area is a combination of nature and history: flowery areas and special protected zones surround picturesque medieval villages, rich in traditions, history and flavors. Local fauna is particularly interesting too: beside the well-known wolf, one can find hawks, foxes and owls.
Last but not least, the wine and food offer: truffles – the real gold of the Sibillini area – as well as cheese, cold cuts, sweets and typical wines.

Sibillini Mountains National Park

The Sibillini Mountains, which became a National Park in 1993, extend for 70,000 hectares and comprise 16 Marche’s and 2 Umbria’s municipalities. Unforgettable landscapes and amazing natural beauties will fill you with wonder: the lentil flowering at Castelluccio, the Plains of Ragnolo, the source of the River Ambro, the Fiastrone Gorge, the lakes of Palazzo Borghese and much more.
Many of the peaks are over 2000 meters, the highest being Monte Vettore, the home to the stunning Lake Pilato. “Chirocefalo del Marchesoni”, a miniscule crustacean that has survived the Glacial Period, is endemic to this lake. Not far away from Monte Vettore is Mount Sibilla, once home to the witch Alcina, cited in the works of Antoine De La Sale. The writer visited the Sybil’s cave in 1420 and left written testimony in “The Paradise of the Queen Sybil”.
Every year tourists and travelers choose this area for its varied landscape, flora and natural environment, where it is still possible to encounter falcons, owls, foxes, porcupines, deer…

Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park

The Park is extremely rich in geological, environmental, anthropological and cultural attractions. The Gran Sasso National Park hosts the Gran Sasso d’Italia, the roof of the Apennines (2,912 m.). Laga Mountains too have a significant geological value and reach their highest point at Mount Gorzano (2,458 m.) Nature is rich and diverse: 2,364 species have been counted. Whereas forests cover the mountains, the area is a real source of biodiversity and features several ecosystems. The water, flowing abundant and pure along the mountains’ slopes and feeding rivers and lakes, is a guarantee of health for both nature and men that have been inhabiting these territories for thousand years. The area is rich in beautiful hamlets, churches, abbeys and castles, streets, caves, necropolis, towns and temples, shrouded in mystery and fascination.


Adriatic Sea, City and Territory. It’s a land to discover!

Near the Adriatic Sea and several historic towns, a Hoof Experience is the ideal start for exploring southern Marche and northern Abruzzo, with their wine&food, cultural and natural attractions.
The Adriatic Sea is rich in fish and shellfish, the main ingredients for delicious dishes you can enjoy on natural terraces while admiring the landscape. There are pristine beaches as well as beaches served by the typical “chalet ” where it is possible to have cool drinks and meet local people.

Itineraries in Le Marche during Spring

The Land emerges from “hibernation” and the mountains surrounding it slowly leave their pure white snow cover that was there for the most part of winter. Little by little, nature unveils its vivid colors, splendid fragrances of flowers and temperate sunny days. In the neighboring districts and towns you will find sports and green areas where you can have some good physical activity or just lie down in the sun and relax by reading a book.

Itineraries in Le Marche during Summer

Many itineraries and paths can be covered both by families with children and expert hikers, with various difficulty levels according to one’s aptitudes. The territory offers varied and exciting views. You have the opportunity to experience paragliding and hand gliding, enjoying one-of-a-kind landscapes and views.

Itineraries in Le Marche during Autumn

The bright green colors of summertime make way to intense and warmer colors such as red, bright orange and yellow, turning the mountains into picture paintings. Mushrooms and chestnuts harvest with expert guides is a great opportunity to be in touch with nature in complete safety.

Itineraries in Le Marche during Winter

When snow starts to fall and cover the territory, there is the opportunity to do winter sports like cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing in woods and paths, either accompanied by specialized guides or not.

All year around, there are various festivals and folk events all over the territory: medieval feasts and reenactments, typical food and wine festivals and much more. Explore the real Italy, where history meets legend: book your hoof experience!