Rural Experience means Love for Nature, Contact with the Land, interest in traditions and curiosity about past times. It is a journey back to ancient values, recipes and flavors. It is a way to promote a land and to spread its culture, a way to broaden our horizons and foster social interaction. Rural Experience is naturalness, friendliness and relax.

Stop wonderingHow is it made?” and proudly say “I made this!”. Rural Experience makes you a part of a unique blend of people, environment, food and culture.

For anybody looking for some relax and the authentic taste of the land.

Rural Experience talks to curious people and nature lovers, to people who don’t care to get their hands dirty. Rural Experience is for those who are interested in food and its origin, for those who like to go deeper, for active, versatile and ironic people. It is both for innovators and nostalgic people and for everyone who is eager to live an unconventional holiday and get away from daily routine.

The Experience is both online and offline.
The website shows several options: one or more-day itineraries to visit environmental amenities and taste homemade delicacies.

While relaxing and enjoying local food and wines, Rural Experience offers you the unique chance to live a real life experience. You will have the possibility to travel back in time and rediscover some aspects of country life: grape and olive harvest, chestnuts harvest, honey production, truffle hunting, cheese and saffron production.


BEFORE the experience…

Start your holiday before leaving home!


Comfortably at home, choose the rural experience you prefer from the ones suggested.


You will receive the brochures about the experience you have chosen.


Finally, all you have to do is book your holiday.

…DURING the experience…

Experience a close contact with nature!

Forget work, deadlines and daily routine and enjoy your time off in the Italian rural habitat with Rural Experience. While relaxing and tasting local food and wines, you will experience ancient traditions and cultures, taste genuine products and take part in their production process.

…AFTER the experience

Keep memory alive!

At the end of your experience, take a special gift back home: the product you made.

If its production process is not concluded, you will receive it at home, ready to be shared with your family and friends and recall the good times spent in the nature!

Would you escape daily routine to discover past traditions? Are you interested in the experience?

Contact us for more information.


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